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Os pongo el email recibido hoy tal cual:

On Monday (13/01/2014) wij released an outline of our set roadmap, today spil promised wij will be releasing a timeline with dates on each opzicht of the development process. This shows our commitment to transparency and gives a better idea on what precies stage wij are on at all times. Spil wij go through numerous developmental stages ter parallel, wij will be releasing regular detailed updates on our progress. Our next updates will be consistent developmental updates on what is being worked on and what has bot achieved.


Mij gusta:

Esta es una actualización (el email mij hectare llegado a schuiflade 1:32pm GMT+1) del estado plus el que se encuentran los ASIC miner den lade empresa Alpha Technologies llamados “Viper”. El 23 den diciembre desvelaron los precios den los dos modelos, 5Mh/s y 25Mh/s, os los pongo aquí mismo:

Piden un depósito del 30% del precio total como garantía. El proceso den pre-orders lo abrirán plusteken breve, dicen que plusteken cuanto pasen samenvoeging Navidades. Aquí os dejo informatie sobre “ Terms of Order ” y este es un ejemplo que han incluido plus el email para que nos hagamos una idea del coste y el ahorro plus energía entre sus ASIC´s y su equivalente plus samenvoeging GPU´s actuales:

GPU Equipment 25 Mh/s: Ten,000 watts (40 GPU’s @ 250watts x 625 Kh/s) £12,000 (excl. other costs)

GPU Equipment 5Mh/s: Two,000watts (8 GPU’s @ 250 watts x 625 Kh/s) £2,400 (excl. other costs)

N.B. : no son nada baratos pero eso ya lo sabíamos, ya que cualquier ASIC que resuelva el algoritmo Scrypt (Litecoin, Feathercoin, etc.), es más caro plusteken comparación con los ASIC den bitcoins, requieren más potencia den memoria y más espacio plus lade misma. Resolver Scrypt es mucho más difícil que resolver SHA-256 den bitcoins y otros.

This update is from CEO of Alpha Technology, Mohammed Akram:

Very first of all I would like to personally wish everyone a merry Christmas, glad holidays and good health. I understand a lotsbestemming of people will be busy with family and loving holidays. So wij will only be opening registration for now. Pre-ordering will be open after a few days when everyone is back.

Ter The Coming week what you can expect

1. Product Photos and ASIC POC prototype demonstration (on high end FPGA verhoging)

Two. Order books opening

Glad Christmas once again.


Mij gusta:

N.B.: os pongo el email según mij hectare llegado a tussenvoegsel 00:08am.

Te the coming days wij will be releasing all detailed information on our ASIC prototype chip, end product specification, aswell spil pricing and how wij will go about the pre-ordering phase. Today is the release of our ASIC chip prototype technical document. Next updates will be a movie demonstration of the core speeds wij have waterput ter our document and then our final product specifications. Our devices are named ‘Viper’ and there will be a 5Mh/s version and 25Mh/s version.

Prototyping an ASIC chip is done te an high-end FPGA/ASIC prototyping houtvezelplaat. Where the core speed wasgoed optimised by our experienced team. All our goals to get the most throughput ter spectacle had bot reached.

The following report shows analysis of the ASIC prototyping phase wij went through, and wij are convenient with sharing this. The core speed is demonstrated te a Virtex houtvezelplaat, which has just 8 cores. Wij will shortly be releasing a movie demonstrating the core speeds on CGMINER. Click here to download or view the utter report . Our optimized vormgeving has out performed the fastest publicy known scrypt implementation by 3x. Aswell spil providing it the benefit of it being fully multi-core and scaleable for our ASIC chip.

Our ASIC vormgeving is almost frozen by our ASIC manufacturers. Wij are targeting a more safer and cost efficient treatment of hitting 128 cores (spil shown ter the document), where each chip hashing rate will be 300-500 Kh/s. Wij will give you the precies hashing rate and frozen vormgeving by next week. Note. wij have shown all hash rates spil ondergrens expected figures.

Each Viper device is based upon the same custom-made Viper houtvezelplaat. Each Viper houtvezelplaat contains numerous ASIC chips reaching a hashing rate of 5Mh/s. Thesis boards can lightly be connected via slot ter b2b connectors, without any wiring. One houtvezelplaat ter each device will contain a micro-controller to make the devices fully standalone.’Viper’ is the name of our very first line of scrypt dedicated miners. There is a smaller 5Mh/s version and larger 25Mh/s version. Each device is designed to be rack mountable, 5MH/s (1u) and 25Mh/s (6u)

ASIC Chip: 28/45nm @ 300-500Kh/s

Viper Houtvezelplaat: Numerous ASIC Chips = Five,000Kh/s

Viper Miner (Five Mh/s): 1 x Viper Houtvezelplaat,

150 watts, 1u size rack mountable. Fully standalone.

Viper Miner (25 Mh/s): Five x Viper Houtvezelplaat,

750 watts, 6u size rack mountable, fully standalone.

Note. The finalising of our ASIC vormgeving will not affect the end product hash-rate. 5Mh/s and 25Mh/s devices are final.

What will be te the next Update?

Until wij launch our pre-ordering process, wij have a few more updates to release:

1. Pictures and utter specifications of our Viper devices.

Two. Movie demonstration of ASIC prototype displaying core speed (spil shown te document). And announced frozen hash-rate and process for ASIC chip fabrication.

Trio. Photos of our fresh office, and official Viper trailer.

Four. Pricing and pre-order process explained, and terms and conditions.

Wij expect all Four updates to be released within the next Two weeks. Where wij will then start the pre-ordering process.

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