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A 30% discount with Sun-Mining.com

Make your money with solar mining contract and take 30% off.

Take a bounty — 30% price cut

Start your mining challange ter a ogenblik. Get 30% giscount for Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin.

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What is Zon Mining?

Zon Mining is a cloud-based cryptocurrency webstek. Founded te 2015 by private investors te Australia they take pride ter powering all their operations through solar energy. The founder investors used their vast tracts of land to set up unique solar power stations and gegevens mining centers.

Through the podium, you can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and many more cryptocurrencies. Zon Mining, makes it possible for professional and new-comer investors to mine cryptocurrencies without having to purchase mining equipment like equipments. Potential investors get to choose from several plans which Zon Mining says are at 25% less than what is suggested by the competition.

Zon Mining Pricing

The podium offers, a immovable price and hashrate for the different coins spil shown below.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Plans:

  • Ultra-Light: 100 GH/s for $8 / 1 Year Contract with monthly $Two profit,
  • Effortless: 1,000 GH/s for $72 / 1 Year Contract with monthly $Nineteen.7 profit,
  • Ease off: Ten,000 GH/s for $720 / 1 Year Contract monthly $197.Four profit,
  • Sale: 60,000 GH/s for $4000 / 1Year Contract $1974.Two profit.

Ethereum Plans:

  • Ultra-Light: 1 MH/s for $11 / Two Year Contract with monthly $1.Four profit,
  • Effortless: Ten MH/s for $105 / Two Year Contract with monthly $13.7 profit,
  • Unwind: 100 MH/s for $990 / Two Year Contract with monthly $137.1 profit,
  • Sale: 3000 MH/s for 15485/ Two Year Contract with monthly $114.Five profit.

Litecoin Plans:

  • Ultra-Light: 1,000 KH/s for $Four / Two Year Contract with monthly $0.5profit,
  • Effortless: Ten,000 KH/s for $40 / Two Year Contract with monthly $Four.Five profit,
  • Loosen: 100,000 KH/s for $300 / Two Year Contract with monthly $45.1 profit,
  • Sale: 1,000,000 KH/s for $Trio,000 / Two Year Contract with $451 profit.

Zon Mining also gives you the option to customize the hashrate you want. You simply click on select another project, below the plans they suggest and determine on the terms of the contract.

Zon Mining Promo Codes

Spil indicated before Zon Mining says it gives the lowest prices ter the cryptocurrencies industry. Zon Mining codes are also some of the best, like:

  • Money making with solar mining contract with 30% discount,
  • 30 % discount for Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin, and Litecoin mining contracts,
  • SunMining promo code for fresh customers. It gives 10% off all contracts after registration,
  • Assured 10% discount coupons on all purchases.

Zon Mining Affiliate Program

Spil an investor you can playmate with Zon Mining to earn toegevoegd money by referring individuals to their services.

Presently, they have two affiliate programs which give different %commission for each introduction.

Package Standard. A c cording to information on the webpagina you get 10% commission for introducing a friend to the cloud mining services. If the friend goes ahead to also introduces another person you make 5%. So, for example, if a referral buys 100 Gh/s ter bitcoin currency you automatically get Five Gh/s.

Freedom Package. To benefit from this you have to bring ter someone who puts te $Ten,000 dollars and above. From this, you get 20%. Again, if they bring ter another $Ten,000 dollars you get 10% of power purchased by your friend’s referral.

Zon Mining For Your Stable Income

Zon Mining is a good way to buy virtual currencies and get a constant income. It is reliable because it uses its own solar powered energy so no reliance on third parties for energy.

The company is environmentally friendly with concerns start raised about environmental hazards of cryptocurrencies Zon Mining addresses this with its solar powered system.

It has no maintainers cost because you don’t have to buy mining equipment. They have their own equipments which you pay for their maintainers. This saves you loterijlot cause maintenances of equipment is costly.

Lastly, Zon Mining discounts and promotion codes will help you save money on purchases spil you invest, something you cannot do with other cryptocurrencies platforms.

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