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Beggining a journey te the cryptocurrency world can always be difficult, and beggining with etn can be even tighter. Very first of all if words like “mining, shares, blockchain” does not stadionring a bell, I certainly reccomand you to check out this begginer’s guide to cryptocurrency mining :

Now that you know everything about cryptocurrency, and you are ready to hop te, let’s talk electroneum.

On the telegram talk of wij often see the same questions, so wij determined to make a FAQ to help you or other if you are te trouble.

Now let’s start !

Why am I not being paid ? This question vereiste be the most asked of all, and there can be many reasons. The very first one is that you did not reach the ondergrens payout of the pool (For example, 20 etn on This means that if you have not mined at least 20 etn, you will not be paid because the system will skip you. The 2nd one is that you did not wait long enough. Payment are made once the block that you have participated ter is unlocked. But this payment is for the pool very first. Every hour the pool system send your part to your wallet. So you will have to wait at maximum one hour. The third reason is a bit trickier. Sometimes, you have more than 20 etn and you have waited for more than 1 hour, but you did not get paid anyway. This is often caused by the electroneum payment system which attempts to give you amount that are not unlocked yet. It’s very zonderling and just know, that you will be paid eventually.

I have bot paid, but my wallet balance is not updated. Most of the time this is caused by a wallet that is not synced, so you’ll need to sync it to see your balance. However this can also be caused by a mistake that you have maid when injecting your wallet address te the mining program. So be sure that it’s the right one !

The webstek is down, is the pool still working ? Sometimes, the webstek crashes but the pool is always alive. If you have any doubt you can always ask on the Telegram talk.

Can I use my cryptopia wallet address to mine ? No absolutely not.

Do I need to buy hardwawre to mine with excellent capacity ? No, you are not obligated to buy hardware, you can always use NiceHash which is a marketplace where you can buy computing power. You can learn more about NiceHash on this tutorial :https://keepingstock.televisiekanaal/how-to-mined-electroneum-with-huge-benefits-8af8669ebcdd

My hashrate is not the same on my console and on the, why is that ? The hashrate that is shown on your console is the hashrate that you provide at a given time. However, sometimes some sahres can be rejected because of bad internet connexion, or just server liggen. So you may lose hashrate on the road. And it’s significant to note that on the webstek, you will see an average of your hashrate, spil it’s unlikely to update that much stats.

What is that luck percentage on the block’s stats? If you find a block earlier than you statistically should on average you are fortunate if it takes longer, you are unlucky. It does not truly mean anything, and can not be managed. However, if you everzwijn find a pool with 100% of bad luck, you should switch pool.

What is a NiceHash Blessed hour or NiceHash Party ? Sometimes, the pool will organize a NiceHash Party. A NiceHash party is a period of time (usually inbetween 1 and Two hours) when everyone waterput about 2–5 mh/s on nicehash to make the pool thicker. The aim is to obtain more than 50% of the global network, so that the pool can find every single block. On, wij do them oncce te awhile and wij are always talking about it on telegram talk.

But with more miners and hashrate, wij will have less revenue right ? Well, vanaf single block, you will have less revenue, because you will most likely share with other people that have the same hashrate spil you, but spil the pool will find a block very often, you will, te the end, participate te more blocks, and therefore, earn more.

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