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Megacoin (MEC) is a Litecoin-based cryptocurrency that aims to provide quick and effortless transfer of coins wherever you are te the world spil long spil there is Internet connection. Megacoin prides itself spil the ‘fresh type of decentralized currency’ that celebrated a successful debut te the world of cryptocurrency after becoming a hefty klapper ter certain exchanges after its release.

With an intuitively designed Megacoin Wallet, you will be treated to hassle-free ways of monitoring your balance, trading MEC, and mining more coins. Simply download and install it on your pc to start using Megacoin (MEC) for shopping online or for buying and selling coins. Moreover, you can instantly pack your Megacoin Wallet with free coins when you make the most of the available Megacoin Faucet.

Released only ter 2013, this cryptocoin is doing well ter the market compared with other alternative currencies.

Megacoin (MEC) will release a total of 42 million coins overheen the coming years. But instead of bombarding miners with geysers of blocks packed with coins, Megacoin (MEC) has implemented two phases, ter which they will release 21 million coins each. For the very first five months since its launch, 21,000 blocks will be generated every month, marking the initial block prize at 500 coins. For the next four months, the block prize will be diminished to 250, 125, 75, and 50 coins.

Once all the blocks designated for the very first phase run out, the 2nd set of blocks will proceed to be released te the succeeding years. 420,000 blocks will be generated every two years, where Ten.Five million coins will be originally mined from. Expect the block prize to begin at 25 coins vanaf block, which will eventually get halved every period.

Moreover, miners will be treated to a more stable Megacoin Difficulty, so everyone can expect to collect coins on a regular ondergrond without experiencing too much fluctuation. With merely violating the 100,000-marker, there are surely more blocks that await those mining solo or te pools. And with a number of Megacoin Mining pools available online, miners will have an lighter time finding the pool that offers the best overeenkomst.

To have a clear view of your estimated expected earnings for a day, week, month, and year, use a Megacoin Zakjapanner that computes possible earnings based on the figures you come in for the Pool Fees, Hash Rate, Exchange Rate, and Block Prize to name a few.

Megacoin (MEC) can be traded te the Bitcoin market ter Cryptsy, Bter, Coins-E, CoinEX, and Phenix exchanges. With a warm reception from users and miners all overheen the world, this cryptocurrency boasts of a more competitive price te the market. This puts the Megacoin Price/Value above the other alternative cryptographic coins ter terms of market spectacle. Albeit the Megacoin Exchange rate is relatively unstable, there’s a better future ahead of Megacoin (MEC) users and miners.

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