KnCMiner Upgrades Titan Scrypt ASIC From 100 MH

Seven hours ago, KnCMiner took to social media to tweet one elementary sentence.

So wij have updated our spectacle of our titan product a little. It will now be 250MH/s

The utter update can be found at this verbinding. 250 MH/s is a 250% improvement overheen the previously promised 100 MH/s. The price tag on the KnCMiner Titan remains unchanged despite this “little spectacle update.” At 250,000 KH/s for the price of $9,995, the $/KH/s (

$0.04/KH/s) is presently unmatched by any other Scrypt ASIC company. The updated Titan product pagina on KnCMiner’s webstek is shown below. Also, KnCMiner is promising its device will run on 800W to 1000W.

The Scrypt ASIC Wedren Towards The Bottom

Tho’ Scrypt ASICs have bot spotted ter the wild spil early spil January 2014, the bulk of the coming Scrypt ASIC hashing power is still sitting ter varying stages of development across several contesting companies. Thesis companies are undoubtedly challenging with each other and the blows keep on coming.

Last week, KnCMiner announced their then 100 MH/s Titan Scrypt ASIC meant for Litecoin Mining. The original $/KH/s wasgoed around $0.Ten/KH/s, which wasgoed considerably better than the then offerings of Mining ASICs Technologies B.V (Vloermat)., Fibonacci, Flower Techology, and Alpha Technologies.

Ter the days following KnCMiner’s expose of their Titan Scrypt ASIC, Alpha Technology wasgoed very first to increase the hashrate of its units also free of charge. Alpha Technology enlargened the hashrate on their “Viper” using houtvezelplaat modularity to match KnCMiner’s $0.Ten/KH/s. Additionally, Alpha Technology updated their power consumption figures to reflect enhanced efficiency achieved by their developers.

Shortly after, Vloerkleed did the same thing, announcing upgrades to their EXCALIBUR line of Scrypt ASICs. The fresh EXCALIBUR Five by Vloermat offers 250 MH/s for

$20,662: $0.0826/KH/s. It is now clear that the KnCMiner Titan’s newest upgrade is a onmiddellijk strike from KnCMiner to Mining ASICs Technologies. Both products are supposed to ship te the same timeframe, except one is almost half the price of the other.

Power Figures From KnCMiner

The Vloerkleed EXCALIBUR Five is supposed to use 3600 W for 250 MH/s. Ter tegenstelling, KnCMiner has promised the device will run on a standard 800W to 1000W PSU. This number wasgoed exposed ter KnCMiner’s update today. It isn’t clear yet what size the chips te the Titan will be, but I’m guessing 28nm. For those truly interested te the Scrypt ASIC wedstrijd, it is a well known fact that large and rapid devices are just part of the demonstrate. Power consumption determines the longevity of the product. While there is undoubtedly a wedstrijd to be the very first to supply, there is also an even more heated competition to provide the most efficient/powerful product.

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