Does Dashlane have a referral program? Dashlane

All Dashlane users can invite their friends to join Dashlane. If the invitation is successful, both Dashlane users – the one sending the invitation and the referred user – will be granted a referral prize. You can earn up to Two years of free Premium at a time and there is no limit to how many friends you can give 6 months to for free.


How to invite a friend

To invite a friend to join Dashlane, you will need to loom ter to your Web App by following this listig. Come in your Dashlane email and your master password to loom te. Alternatively, you can invite your friends from the Help spijskaart of the Desktop app, or from the Settings of your mobile app.

Once you are logged te, click on Invite a friend te the top caf menukaart.

There, you will have the choice inbetween having Dashlane send your friends an email and copying your referral listig to share it directly with your friends.

If you want Dashlane to send your friends an email, come in their email addresses or invoer your contacts from your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Outlook address book and click on Invite now. If you so choose, you can add a message and sign it.

Alternatively, you can directly give them your referral verbinding, or share it on social media. The listig will look like this:

Once this is done, you can track the invitations you sent by clicking on your email address ter the top right corner of the Web App and then on Manage Invites.

When one of your friends accepts your invitation to join Dashlane, both you and them will be granted a referral prize. You can repeat the process spil often spil you want!

Why wasgoed I not granted a referral prize?

There are several reasons why the invitation might not have worked:

  • The person invited to join Dashlane did not use the verbinding provided (either by you or ter the email Dashlane sent them) to create their account. Te this case, you can either send them another invite to another email address or voeling us directly to fix this kwestie. When writing to us, please provide both your emails and a screenshot of your “manage your invites” tabulator ter the Web App.
  • The person invited to join Dashlane already had a Dashlane account associated to their email address before. Te this case, they are not eligible to the referral program.

If the person invited did not have an account and did click on the right referral verbinding, here is what might have happened: wij have a system ter place to prevent certain users from manhandling this referral program to obtain free, unlimited Premium. It is possible that this system mistakenly prevented you and your friends from being granted their referral prize. If you think this might be the case, please voeling us and provide both your emails and a screenshot of your “manage your invites” tabulator te the Web App.

The code is said to be invalid

If you’ve attempted to redeem your code by clicking on the given button te your prize email, and you are prompted with an error message informing you the code is invalid, it is likely that you are presently part of a Dashlane Business account, which prevents you from redeeming Dashlane Premium promotional codes. Wij presently do not have referral codes for Dashlane Business accounts.

If you are not part of a Dashlane Business account, feel free to voeling our Support team so that wij can help you sort this out!

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