A Large-Scale Project by Mining Equipment Manufacturers

Development of the blockchain technology requires fresh solutions from the mining industry. Therefore production and technological giants join together, creating fresh large-scale bitcoin services and mining farms with the latest infrastructure to considerably increase the cryptocurrency generation capabilities. Individual miners won’t be able to rival with them, due to the sheer amount of processing power required for a profitable mining operation. However, they do have an chance to become investors te such large-scale mining projects.

Giga Watt, a creation of MegaBigPower and Cryptonomos blockchain verhoging is one such project. The project is based on an idea where the possession of Giga Watt tokens enables its owners to lease capacities of a farm or use it to set up their own miners to generate different cryptocurrencies. At the same time the project’s capacities – ter the form of power supply and service center maintenance are suggested for miners located within Giga Watt mining farm te the USA.

What Does It Mean to Become the TerraMiner Project Tokens Holder?

Leading companies te the production of the mining equipment – INNOSILICON Technology LTD and J&,W IPC Technology Development Ltd have gone ahead and begun work on the TerraMiner project. The TerraMiner mining farm will be situated te China, ter the area where electro-stimulation consumption is subsidized by the government and costs much lower than anywhere. Besides, the proximity of the farm near equipment producers permits the company to cut down costs involved ter purchase and transportation of miners.

The main difference inbetween this project and others is that by getting TerraMiner tokens, investors become co-owners of not only the farm but also the equipment. They don’t need to think about how to set up their mining equipment or lease out the facility. Instead, they will have access to a butt-plug and play facility ready to be involved te the cryptocurrency production from day one.

The farm maintenance activities will be taken care of by the operators. Te addition, TerraMiner token holders will be able to sell/trade their tokens at any time. The podium doesn’t impose any improvised limitations on token possession or mining farm equipment. The project organizers opoffering investors very liquid property – and it makes TerraMiner unique among other cloud mining projects.

Besides, the TerraMiner investors can be sure that they buy the best modern mining equipment, the largest and most powerful Scrypt-ASIC miners with A4+ chips and oil cooling. The equipment of such sophistication and power is inaccessible for owners of in-house farms, and it makes way for the production of a maximum number of tokens. The possibility of becoming a co-owner of a very efficient mining facility is an added advantage ter the TerraMiner ecosystem.

TerraMiner makes it possible for the interested parties to purchase hash rates at a much cheaper price during the construction stage, compared to the market price suggested by mining equipment manufacturers. Before the launch of its very first stage, farm investors can buy into the mining capacities at a 40% discount.

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