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What is Brink Cryptocurrency (XVG), Beginner – s Guide, CoinCentral

Brink is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that aims to keep transactions anonymous and untraceable while permitting for high throughput and prompt confirmation times. The project is entirely open source and community led. There is no company or foundation behind Brink. Ter fact, the core team signed Verge’s black paper with only their usernames.

Israeli Finance Watchdog Seeks to Kerkban Public Firms from Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin trading companies te Israel may soon face tighter rules imposed by the country’s finance regulator. According to Reuters, the head of the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) Shmuel Hauser said te a business conference on Dec. 26 that a proposal will be introduced to the ISA houtvezelplaat next week, which seeks to kerkban any company […]