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Zdravo življenje, zavedanje narave

Ste že na&scaron,li svojo idealno službo? Želimo si, da bisexual bili eden izmed tistih, ki dejansko delajo tisto kar jih veseli, a velik odstotek ljudi na svetu ne služi denarja s svojo strastjo. Kaj so službe prihodnosti? Razveseljiv jou podatek, da 60 odstotkov najbolj&scaron,ih služb v prihodnjih desetih letih, sploh &scaron,e ni bilo izumljenih, vsaj […]

Ethereum – Rootstock (Bitcoin – Wise Contracts) – Call Mij Gwei

Main navigation Recall all of those Bitcoin maximalists pointing fingers at Ethereum? “Smart contracts are insecure,” they would jeer… “what gives our asset its value is its plainness!” There are those who still express thesis sentiments. Unluckily, for those te the “simplicity equals value” camp, Bitcoin is going to inherit more functionality regardless.

Top 9 Best Ethereum (ETH) Wallets (2018) ~

Ethereum is one of the popular Cryptocurrency. It has highest market cap after Bitcoin .Investor are investing and everyone needs to own a secure wallet .Here is a list of Best Ethereum Wallets. The Best Ethereum Hardware Wallets BTC – Bitcoin ETH/ETC – Ethereum/Ethereum Classic XRP – Ripple LTC – Litecoin DOGE – Dogecoin ZEC […]

XEXR – the intersection of finance and technology

It’s zonderling that I postbode straight linksom to other articles, but sometimes they are too good not to share. This time, I’d like to call your attention to an excellent postbode by Ryan Selkis, a long time crypto currency reporter and industry figure. Ter the postbode, he shares his theses for the year ahead te […]

BitAccess Launches To Make Bitcoin ATMs Ubiquitous – TechCrunch

Attempting to make access to the world’s largest cryptocurrency automatic for the people, BitAccess is looking to build a network of automated Bitcoin banking machines available worldwide. The concept of a Bitcoin ATM isn’t fresh, with companies like Robocoin Technologies, GenesisCoin, Lamassu Bitcoin Ventures, and BitXatm all launching variations on bitcoin transaction hardware, but BitAccess […]

Anonymous Cryptocurrency Trader Buys $400 Million te Bitcoin, Investopedia

An anonymous cryptocurrency enthusiast capitalized on this week’s dramatic bitcoin price plunge by scooping up ????$400 million worth of bitcoin. (See more: Bitcoin Price Retreats From $10K Spil Mysterious Buyer Emerges.) Cryptocurrencies have had a tumultuous embark to 2018. At the commence of the fresh year, many digital currencies were railing a wave of price […]

Inwards Whale Club: The Trading Slagroom that Loves Bitcoin Price Declines

“How much is he dumping?” The phrase comes to surface amid a collection of voices, most discussing the unknown trader. The slagroom concentrates on his (or hier) observable market influence, dissecting how and why he closed all his brief positions for signs of strategy. “He wasgoed defending that position,” one of the voices says with […]

Helping out the old man – Collective Memory Dump

My dad is visually impaired and makes use of a PC with specialized hardware (Braille reader) and software (Screen-reader, Speech, Zoom) to keep up with the current news. He mostly relies on the Screen-reader (Super Nova/Dolphin) and Speech module (Fluent Dutch). Using ‘ Passend Lezen’ he is subscribed to several newspapers which are delivered spil […]