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The latest AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.Ten.Two drives come with some interesting fresh features not only for games, but for compute use (including mining). The two of the interesting highlights regarding mining use are the GPU Workload option spil well spil up to 12 GPU Compute Support (only for Windows Ten). This may open up more options to users using Windows Ten for mining equipments with more than 8 GPUs, at least if they are using AMD-based movie cards and maybe soon wij are going to see similar feature also provided by Nvidia spil evidently the movie drivers are capable of driving more than 8 GPUs under Windows Ten spil AMD is displaying.

A fresh toggle te Radeon Settings that can be found under the “Gaming”, “Global Settings” options. This toggle will permit you to switch optimization inbetween graphics or compute workloads on select Radeon RX 500 and Radeon RX 400 series graphics products.

Radeon Software now supports compute workloads for up to 12 installed Radeon RX 400, Radeon RX 500 or Radeon RX Vega series graphics products on Windows Ten system configurations.

It is not yet clear if there will be some show improvement when using the compute workloads option spil opposed to the gaming option, this will need to be tested. The up to 12 GPUs support for Radeon RX series of GPUs under Windows Ten is much more interesting for the miners that are already building mining equipments with motherboards supporting 12 or more GPUs. Do note that this feature evidently supports only AMD Radeon RX series of GPUs and not older models, but it also seems that the up to Four VEGA GPUs limitation should also not be a problem anymore. Again this of course needs testing for a confirmation, so if you check any of thesis fresh features ter the latest AMD movie drivers feel free to report your results te the comments below.

Do note that according to AMD GPU Workload feature may cause a system drape when switching to Compute while AMD CrossFire is active, not that you would need to have Crossfire enabled at all for mining, but just be sure that it is disabled if your motherboard supports that. The Radeon Wattman should also give you less trouble when overclocking/underclocking the GPU, however most likely not everything is fully resolved.

Update: It seems like AMD might have messed the spectacle with this fresh driver for RX 400 and RX 500 series of GPUs compared to what you are getting with the old Blockchain driver. So do not be te a hurry to update to this driver with 400/500 series if you are mining Ethereum or other Ethash-based altcoin spil your mining show may druppel instead of increase! Wij are still yet to test the situation with VEGA GPUs, hopefully there things should be better…

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12 Responses to The Latest AMD Radeon Drivers 17.Ten.Two Bring up to 12 GPU Support Under Windows Ten

Compute enabled on the RX 480, running lower that block chain compute driver,

any one else finding it, does any one have a work around d, please report your MHS

block chain driver 4GB RX480 = 29/30MHS (bois mod)

17.Ten.Two with Compute 4GB RX480 = 25MHS (bois mod)

crashes constantly… very likely because the fan control is borked… not that wattman has everzwijn worked

Last paragraph, 2nd sentence “So do to be ter hurry…” should be “don’t be te a hurry.” Just commenced reading you blog, thanks for your hard work.

Ramiro Morales Jr

GPU workload wasnt there after driver install.

Crash, crash ->,uninstall and switched to Blockchain driver.

Blockchain driver performs better. I’m stuck at 9 gpu with Claymore. Windows does recognize all Ten gpus, but somehow Claymore keeps crashing

Just update to the newest 17.Ten.Three spil it is working flawlessly for mij. Coupled with the Win10 Fall Creator’s Update which immovable my OpenCL issues.

This update is stable and my 8-gpu equipment hashes an average of 240Mh across eight Sapphire Nitro+ 580s with only 1250w at the wall dual-mining dcr.

I have a Mobo Asus Z270-A and 6 (six) XFX RX 580 4gb, all conected by fresh riser and the windows dont take more than Three GPU. The other GPU te the device manager said “This device Can not find enought free resource that it can use. (Code 12).

I have Trio days triyng all kleintje of drivers and i dont know why is so imposible.

I will donate something for a fecali to anyone that can help mij.. LOL

Thanks every assets..

Sherwol, on that motherboard make sure te BIOS 4G option is “enabled”

THE fresh driver is Terrible for VEGA, you cant underclock the core down to -30% like the blockchain drivers can. This is critical for Monero and ETH mining, spil VEGA64 is strenuously memory tied.

Hello, someone with 9+ Vega, its working for you ?

Have Ten Vega 56 GPUs and have gone practically insane attempting to figure out how to get ALL Ten, not 9 + MSFT Display driver which is unlikely to make vanish, actually showcase up te the device manager and also te the Radeon Wattman settings spil Ten AMD RX Vega GPUs. If anyone knows how to resolve this disaster of an kwestie, please let mij and others know for Windows Ten. Also had same precies problem with Linux/Ubuntu using 17.50. For Windows have attempted 17.11.Four and their latest 17.12.1 – both same results, albeit, one time I actually got 8 of 8 to showcase up, now, its 7 of 8, or at max 7 of 7, anytime I go to install the 8th GPU, even if I very first get 7 of 7, then the 8th ALWAYS shows up spil MSFT Display Driver, and no way to turn that abomination of an OS Windows Ten auto-updates to voortdurend off position. I do hope ethos comes up with support for Vega GPUs and quickly!! There vereiste be a way to do this, and AMD’s install instructions are about spil good spil reading something ter a foreign language – it serves no purpose to resolve the simplest task, to make sure ALL AMD HARDWARE IS NOT Predominated BY WINDOWS AUTO-UPDATE, and then to tell mij it has the best driver for the device even when I point directly to the AMD drivers folder to attempt to update the driver from inwards the device manager. 12 GPU’s perhaps if anything but the RX Vega GPUs. Actually, I did notice the compute switch works for all my RX 580’s, RX 480’s, and other GPUs, but, for some bizarre reason, AMD screwed us on the Vega GPUs for mining. That wasgoed brilliant…NOT!! And they keuze its because the Vega’s don’t need the compute switch, which is total bull crap if you only use Four to 6 of them they work fairly nicely with the orig. blockchain drivers, not so much with anything else if attempting to9 do the alleged Ten or even “up to 12” Vega GPUs…I hope somebody at AMD or anyone knows the fix to this, I have spent Four days re-installing windows, de-installing and re-installing different drivers, etc. Also, what the hell is up with the Radeon software? You only get to make custom-made Wattman settings for N-1 GPU’s spil if the last GPU is non-existent? Somebody at AMD needs to crack the whip on the dev team for pushing such lame software on the end-users…pathetic! 🙁

@ James – I feel your ache. You can also mod the bios of the Vega 56 using a 64 bios (have not done so myself spil of yet), but, only if you are willing to void the warranty on any of them that you mod. I did it for all other 76 GPU’s I own, but waiting to very first get the blood-gutty Vega cards ALL showcasing up spil RX Vega te Device Manager. This N-1 thing is ridiculous.

@ AMD – Get your software testing together. Also, spil with Linux, where one can sudo ./amdgpu-pro… -compute, why not enable anyone to be able to select UPON INSTALL whether they want the utter driver set with graphics processing capabilities for gaming, or just install the compute part of the drivers and disable any gaming parameters that have zero meaning to miners who are providing your company WAYYYYYYY more business than gamers of the world and te much larger quantities – business 101 so some CFO type needs to unglue head from the wrong place and wake up to REALITY! I wish Raja wasgoed still with AMD, I would send him an email spil he had the brains and know-how to actually make things toebijten that needed to toebijten. What happened? CFO wished a larger verzekeringspremie so screw overheen the people that pay for AMD’s actual products so he can bitch and groan about how much real software development costs and cut it back to minimal expenditure? Why finance type mentalities should NEVER be running a tech company…EVER!!


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