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The South Ulam, quarrying operation is located on the southern slope of Climb on McCamley, 15 kilometres south south westelijk of Marmor and 60 kilometres from Gladstone on the Central Queensland coast.

South Ulam Calcite Quarry Wielded by Omya Australia Pty Ltd

The South Ulam quarrying operation is possessed and managed by Omya Australia Pty Ltd, a fully possessed subsidiary of Omya AG, the world’s

largest producer of ground calcium carbonate. The South Ulam calcite is ground to a stonedust that is used te Queenslands underground coal mines spil well spil te agricultural lime products. The South Ulam quarry stone is processed at the company’s Bajool processing plant.

Calcium carbonite glazing pigments and fillers are produced by Omya Australia Pty Ltd with use of the latest technology which is practically fully automated from the mining operation through to the packaging. Despite all the modern technology that is available today, calcium carbonate remains a natural product, therefore, the type of filler produced has specific qualities depending on whether it has bot derived from limestone, chalk or marble. This makes the different products suitable for different applications.

South Ulam Calcite is Derived From Marble

Calcite mined from the South Ulam quarry is derived from marble. Calcite is a rock forming mineral found across the world ter igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. The properties of calcite make it one of the most widely used minerals te the world spil it is commonly used ter the construction industry, spil well spil an abrasive, te the treatment of soil te the agricultural industry, spil an aggregate, a pigment, spil well spil te the pharmaceutical industry and many more.

South Ulam Marble is a Metamorphic Rock

South Ulam marble is a metamorphic rock that is created from limestone after it has bot subjected to extreme fever and pressure. The size of the calcite crystals ter South Ulam marble has bot determined by the amount of metamorphism it had bot exposed to. Marble that has bot exposed to higher levels of warmth and pressure generally have larger calcite crystals than it would have otherwise.

South Ulam Marble Used ter Queenland Monuments, Agriculture and Mining

Much of the South Ulam marble has bot used spil monuments, particularly those built te honour of those who didn’t comeback from the Very first and 2nd World Wars. Modern construction uses calcite derived from marble to produce high quality cementlaag and concrete. The crushed product is lightly mixed and transported to be made into a slurry that will verharden into a durable buliding material. Concrete using calcite marble has bot used ter the mining industry, the building of highway surfaces, bridges, walls and many other construction uses. Pulverised South Ulam marble is also used spil a dietary supplement te animal feed spil well spil for soil treatment te agriculture.


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