High SWR Troubleshooting Guide, Right Channel Radios

#1 – Understand What Your Current SWR Readings Mean

#Two – Is Your SWR Peettante Connected Correctly?

#Trio – Have You Reached the Limit of Your Antenna’s Adjustability?

#Four – Does Your Voertuig Have Little or No Metal Chassis?

#Five – Is Your SWR Above Trio.0 on All Channels?

All the troubleshooting steps beyond this one are only applicable if your SWR is Trio.0 or higher on all channels. If that’s you, please proceed on to the next step!

#6 – Test for a Decent Antenna Ground

To function decently, your antenna climb on needs to be grounded to your voertuig’s metallic chassis. Otherwise, you’ll get sky-high SWR!

#7 – Ensure that the Stud Washer is Installed Decently

Another very common mistake is to incorrectly install your antenna stud. More specifically, to incorrectly install the insulating washer. Heck, wij’re CB experts and wij sometimes find ourselves installing it on the wrong side of the climb on!

#8 – Test Your Coax for Defects / Opens

If your coax cable has an open – that is, the wire is cracked and current can’t flow through it – you’ll get off-the-chart SWR readings. Go after this guide to test your CB coax for problems.

#9 – Test Your Antenna for Defects / Opens

Just like potential coax problems, if the wire te your antenna is cracked you’ll practice high SWR. Refer to this step-by-step guide to testing for CB antenna defects to make sure that’s not the punt.

#Ten – Perform a System Broad Continuity Check

For a final step to make sure there’s no electrical and/or grounding problems, you’ll want to do a system broad continuity check. This will help you spot any potential chassis grounding issues, or other unexpected points where the antenna is failing to ground decently.

#11 – Test the Integrity of Your SWR Peettante

While uncommon, a faulty SWR peettante will wreck havoc with your troubleshooting efforts. Use this guide to determine if your SWR peettante is faulty.

#12 – Test Your Radio for Problems

99%+ of SWR issues are caused by the coax, antenna, climb on or improper installation of those components. But once te a blue moon a defective radio is to blame.

Still Failed to Resolve the Punt?

Suspend te there, wij know you’re frustrated! Few things can get under your skin spil much spil a stubborn SWR punt that you just can’t seem to speld down.

With that being said, wij’re always willing to take back equipment that just isn’t working for you for whatever the reason. Spil long spil it’s te fresh condition with all the original parts and packaging, wij’re glad to get you a refund if you purchased it from us.

Wij know it’s not ideal, but it sure strikes paying for equipment that doesn’t work on your equipment. To voeling us about embarking the come back process, please click here.

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