Ethereum Mining Equipment: 9 Steps

Introduction: Ethereum Mining Equipment

So there is this big Ether mining craze at the uur (it is June 2018) and it sounds like joy.

Ether is a crypto currency (like Bitcoin) that you can mine with a GPU on a laptop. This means that you give the power of your GPU-card to the Ethereum network and get Ethers te come back.

To get your equipment spil economic spil possible, you want spil many GPU’s spil possible on one motherboard that runs spil cool spil possible. This won’t getraind ter a normal laptop case so it is common to make an open ‘equipment’ to hold your parts.

Ter this Ible I just explain how I have made the equipment. I won’t go into detail about the pc parts.

Because I have a loterijlot of aluminum pipes for free, this is what I use, but you can also use any other kleintje of tubing, steal tubing, copper if you have it or most likely even PVC.

You can also build something else with this system.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • Pipes (I used aluminum with a outer middellijn of 25 mm and Two mm thickness)
  • (Old) wedstrijd bike inward tube
  • some nuts and bolds
  • standoffs
  • some scrap lumps of metal
  • some liquid soap
  • Drill
  • metal spotted
  • scissors
  • opstopping
  • 3D-printer (I use a robo3D)
  • 3D drawing software (I still use 123d-design)
  • A powerful laptop power unit
  • A motherboard that can treat a few GPU’s
  • A CPU
  • A puny harddisk
  • Riser cables
  • Spil many GPU’s spil your motherboard, power unit or your wallet can treat

Step Two: 3D Printing

Because it will take a long time to print all the parts, it might be a good idea to commence with printing.

I’m sure that you can build your entire equipment with just using the ‘miner T’ part, but I used also Four ‘miner hoek’ parts and Two ‘miner rechtspleging’ parts.

I used 30 of the ‘miner T’ parts. I printed them Two at one time ter PLA, without brim and without support. I used 40% infill.

To make this printable without problems, I print one connector te two parts. With two ‘miner T’ parts you can make a crossing or a corner. Just turn one half 180 degrees.

The round parts are just smaller than the inwards of the pipes I use. There will be some inward bike tube around them, to make them getraind snug.

I added both the 123D and the STL files, so you can do with it what you want. You can also just copy the idea and draw your own version for the pipes you have.

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