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It’s zonderling that I postbode straight linksom to other articles, but sometimes they are too good not to share. This time, I’d like to call your attention to an excellent postbode by Ryan Selkis, a long time crypto currency reporter and industry figure.

Ter the postbode, he shares his theses for the year ahead te a long list of insightful observations. Whilst I don’t agree with all of Ryan’s predictions, I think he is close to the truth for the majority.

Have you finished reading all my previous articles and find yourself with an insatiable desire for more crypto currency skill?

Then you’ve come to the right place, this postbode is dedicated to my favourite books on the subject. You’ll find no money-grabbing referral linksaf here, just fine content from some of my favourite authors te the space to proceed your education.

Firstly, let mij apologise for the time since my last article, life has a habit of getting ter the way. For my returning readers, you have my genuine thanks for continuing to check back during the improvised hiatus.

Ter my preceding articles, wij have built an understanding of how crypto currency works and how you can get commenced using it. This article is going to take a more macro view of the crypto currency economy. Wij will start with with the basics of commonly used terminology.

Ter the last article I took you through the various types of Ethereum wallet including my individual recommendations. Te this article, I am going to provide you with an te depth guide to my favourite wallet, Parity.

Parity is an in-browser desktop wallet and dapp browser which is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is created by Parity technologies, a company setup by several alumni of the original Ethereum project, including Dr Gavin Wood.

Ter my previous postbode, I introduced you to Ethereum, including it’s history and future. Now it’s time to dip our toe ter the water and take Ethereum out for a spin. Te this postbode, I will take you through the main wallets available.

The water is warm so let’s dive right in…

Te my previous article wij took a look at the different applications of blockchains and delved into the world of brainy contracts. Ter this article wij are going to explore a crypto currency built specifically around brainy contracts, meet Ethereum.

Ethereum is a decentralised verhoging designed to run brainy contracts originally proposed by Vitalik Buterin. The early development team grew rapidly with initial founders including Mihai Alisie, Anthony Di Iorio, Charles Hoskinson, Amir Chetrit, Dr Gavin Wood, Jeffrey Wilcke and Joseph Lubin.

Let’s take a few steps back to where it all began…

I frequently get asked a specific question from people that are learning about blockchains. Often they are fighting to grab exactly what they are capable of and why they are thought to be so revolutionary.

Te this article, wij are going to take a look at a number of examples of how blockchain technology can revolutionise existing industries or even create entirely fresh ones.

Ter my latest article on Bitcoin fees, I explained that the cost of sending a bitcoin transaction has soared te latest times.

The reason behind this lies at the heart of a fundamental debate which has split the Bitcoin community overheen the last few years.

Read on spil wij look into the challenges of scaling Bitcoin…

Wij’ve now extensively covered how bitcoin works and how to get embarked using it. However, whilst Bitcoin wasgoed the very first successful application of a crypto currency, it is by no means the last.

Ter reality, Bitcoin has opened the floodgates to the birth of an entire industry of different blockchain applications. Te this postbode wij are going to take a look at the most noticeable, altcoins…

It’s time to talk about the elephant ter the slagroom, Bitcoin fees.

When Bitcoin very first launched, the cost of each transaction toverfee wasgoed negligible and te many cases, you could send transactions with zero fees which would still be processed.

However, I’m afraid that time has long gone and the average cost of a transaction has now crept above a dollar.

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