How many barrels of oil are needed to mine one bitcoin?

The bitcoin mining industry consumes 22.Five TWh of energy annually, which amounts to 13,239,916 barrels of oil omschrijving. With 12.Five bitcoins being mined every Ten minutes, that means the average energy cost of one bitcoin would equate to 20 barrels of oil omschrijving.

Mining bitcoin has the potential to be a insanely lucrative business, with a single Bitcoin now valued at more than 100 barrels of oil. That zuigeling of price makes it one of the most valuable commodities on the planet and, just like oil, this commodity is increasingly valuable to mine if the energy costs can be kept down.

Bitcoin transactions are secured by rekentuig miners, who are challenging for prizes ter the form of coins from the network. The more computation power they use, the better their chances. The drill equipment is a pc, and hydraulic fracturing is done with the peak of your fingers. It&rsquo,s a phenomenally energy-intensive process.

To waterput this te perspective, the total energy consumption of the world&rsquo,s Bitcoin mining activities is more than 40 times greater than that required to power the entire Visa network.

Cheap electrical play is exactly what made China the Bitcoin mining king. The yearly cost of the energy necessary to mine Bitcoin determines its economics. But to get ter on that you risk reputation because you&rsquo,re either siphoning off surplus energy from somewhere else, or you&rsquo,re partnering with the government. No matter how you look at it, it&rsquo,s a very gray area. No one wants dirty coal fueling such a sophisticated endeavor, for example.

That&rsquo,s why HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.&mdash,a gold-miner-turned-bitcoin-miner&mdash,has set up te Iceland.

Spil one of the very first public companies that lets you participate te the build-up and infrastructure of crypto mining, HIVE is taking advantage of Bitcoin&rsquo,s beloved factor: Ice.

It&rsquo,s freezing ter Iceland, so the relative energy cost of mining there is lower. Mining hardware requires enormous power and creates tons of warmth, and natural temperature is key: Iceland saves on cooling costs, making it one of the most potentially profitable places to mine Bitcoin.

Iceland: Fresh Ground (Below) Zero for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is all about digital infrastructure. Ter this burgeoning industry that offers a chance at significant profits, just about any rekentuig can be used, but companies dedicated to ether mining are the latest thing, and this is where things can indeed get lucrative.

This is industrial-scale bitcoin mining, and some of thesis companies are worth ems of millions of dollars, according to Bloomberg.

And for all of them, the Good Bitcoin Spel is to keep energy costs down to make ether mining more cost-effective.

Right now, about 85 procent of the world&rsquo,s bitcoin trading volume comes from China. Countries with strongly subsidized energy are demonstrable ether mining haunts, but now the colder countries have something to suggest that has nothing to do with the government, and doesn&rsquo,t involve any legal gray areas that will come under scrutiny.

It&rsquo,s 100 procent Mother Nature, and spil long spil she keeps Icelandic temperatures … Icelandic, then natural cooling should be a sperzieboon for bitcoin. The cold countries are now the huis of what is being dubbed &lsquo,geothermal gold&rsquo,.

Giant ether mining start-up, BitFury Group, is there. BitFury, out of the Netherlands, generated overheen $90 million te revenue this year, and predicts it will be generating $585 million ter revenue by 2021. While its flagship gegevens center is te the Republic of Georgia, it&rsquo,s also now tapping into the cool temperatures of Iceland.

Emmanuel Abiodun, founder of Cloud Hashing, a company which wields a computing facility te Iceland, chose Iceland because of its cheap and plentiful geothermal and hydroelectric energy, and the &ldquo,free Arctic air&rdquo, that is piped te to cool the machines.

Iceland is also ground zero for Hong-Kong-based Genesis Mining Ltd, which is building the largest ether mining facility ter the world te Iceland. Alphabet (NYSE:GOOG) and Facebook are there, too, taking advantage of the cold.

And HIVE has recently acquired a fresh gegevens center from Genesis for $9 million and a 30 procent equity stake ter HIVE, according to Bloomberg, which says HIVE shares have &ldquo,Bitcoin investors humming&rdquo,.

Right next doorheen to this landmark bitcoin facility ter Reykajanes, Iceland, HIVE has just acquired a 2nd gegevens center from Genesis.

Billionaire Money Pouring into Big Bitcoin

An internet advisor for Russian Voorzitter Vladimir Putin is eyeing entrance into this fine spel, programma to raise $100 million ter cryptocurrency to help Russia challenge China&rsquo,s hegemony te Bitcoin mining.

&ldquo,Russia has the potential to reach up to 30 procent share te global cryptocurrency mining ter the future,&rdquo, Putin&rsquo,s internet ombudsman, Dmitry Marinichev, wasgoed quoted spil telling, adding that $Ten million from the proceeds of the Russian Miner Coin ICO may be spent developing processors.

Japanese billionaire Masatoshi Kumagai, co-founder of giant GMO Internet Inc., announced plans last month to invest overheen $90 million te a fresh bitcoin mining business that will operate spil a fund, partially, by soliciting capital from investors and repaying them ter cryptocurrency.

Te North America, all the whirr is about HIVE and Genesis, and two legendary billionaire backers known for their early-in investment intuition.

HIVE&rsquo,s backers include mining mavericks Klinkklaar Giustra and Rechttoe Holmes. Giustra built up Goldcorp (NYSE:GG) te 2000 and today it trades at a market cap of almost $11 billion, and is one of the largest gold-mining companies ter the world. He wasgoed also behind Silver Wheaton, which is now Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (NYSE:WPM), the largest silver and gold streaming company ter the world. Giustra&rsquo,s 20-oscar-winning entertainment behemoth, Lion&rsquo,s Gate, also took ter $Two.Four billion te revenue te 2015. And thesis are just a few of his multi-billion-dollar hits.

Holmes is the CEO of San Antonio-based US Global Investors, which has $Two.6 billion ter assets under management and is one of the definitive top precious metals funds te.

Both have backed HIVE, and Holmes is now its chairman.

Both still love gold because gold will always be gold, but they&rsquo,re not old-fashioned. Bitcoin is gigantic, and they won&rsquo,t be left out of the wave.

Blockchain technology is like the Internet before everyone realized its explosive potential spil a revolutionary information distribution channel. Email, like AOL, wasgoed that catalyst. Now, bitcoin and ethereum are doing for blockchain what email did for the Internet.

&ldquo,There’s a hefty scramble to be able to apply this so that you’ll be able to trade stocks 24/7,&rdquo, Holmes said ter a latest vraaggesprek.

But if you want to successfully mine cryptocurrency, you need cheap energy, ideally around Two cents a kilowatt hour.

Mathematics Rules the Day

Speaking at the Money20/20 event te Tussenvoegsel Vegas on 22 October, Apple Computers co-founder Steve Wozniak definitively sided with the Bitcoin camp, calling the US dollar &ldquo,phony&rdquo, because more can always be printed. Bitcoin, he told CNBC, is &ldquo,stable&rdquo, because it can&rsquo,t be diluted, and its future supply is immobilized at 21 million bitcoins. &ldquo,Maybe there&rsquo,s a finite amount of gold ter the world, but Bitcoin is even more mathematical and regulated and nobody can switch mathematics,&rdquo, Wozniak said.

With bitcoin hitting $6,000 vanaf coin on 21 October, and violating fresh records spil its adoption surges, this is no longer just a spel for individual miners with rapid computers. It&rsquo,s now about industrial-scale mining and billionaire backing.

Even however cryptocurrency inhabits an unearthly geography te virtual time and space, where it is mined is just spil significant spil it is for oil, gas, gold, or any other resource wij mine.

The crypto sphere is everywhere, but mining its bounty means tapping into the cheapest sources of energy to keep costs down. The wedren now is to find the best venue with cheap energy and few reputational risks. Right now, that&rsquo,s Iceland, the Genesis of the fresh wave of bitcoin.

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