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What Is Digital Currency?

Digital Currency: The Future of Money and Payments

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Empowering Financial Freedom

“The electrical light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.” – Oren Harari

“Only government can take ideally good paper, voorkant it with flawlessly good ink, and make the combination worthless.” – Milton Friedman

“Money is one of the greatest instruments of freedom everzwijn invented by man.” – Friedrich Hayek

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford

Since the financial keerpunt te 2008, wij believe te challenging the status quo, which is why wij love Digital Currency. Wij created Empower Global Group to educate people about Digital Currency and share our desire of gaining more control overheen our lives . more innovation . more sovereignty . more self-reliance . more freedom. Our vision of empowering financial freedom includes (1) leveraging the 7th Disruption, (Two) banking the unbanked, and (Three) demonstrating you our secret strategy to achieve financial freedom within Two years with the Fresh Global Leader ter Digital Currency, and profit from the Largest Wealth Transfer the world has everzwijn known.

Leveraging the 7th Disruption

“It is my prediction that the 7th Disruption is going to topple the thickest industry ter the world – banking and finance – and it began te 2008! This 7th disruption is fatter, badder and more disruptive than all of the previous six disruptions combined!” – Thomas McMurrain, author of THE 7TH DISRUPTION

Overheen the past 100 years, wij have seen 6 disruptions, and each has created 1,000’s of multi-billion dollar industries.

The 7th Disruption consists of Digital Currency, aka Cryptocurrency, using Blockchain Technology, and is the future of money and payments. Education of Digital Currency will lead to mass adoption, spil has happened te Kenya with M-Pesa , and almost overnight, millions of people around the world will no longer need banks or the world reserve currency known spil the US Dollar, or any other inflationary fiat currency. The 7th Disruption is part of the Largest Wealth Transfer Te Human History: from banks and financial services to the people.

",[disruptive] Paradigm shifts involve dislocation, conflict, confusion, uncertainty. Fresh paradigms are almost always received with coolness, even mockery or hostility. Those with vested interests fight the switch. The shift requests such a different view of things that established leaders are often last to be won overheen, if at all.", – Don Tapscott, author of BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION: HOW THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND BITCOIN IS Switching MONEY, BUSINESS, AND THE WORLD

",. it would be ter the economic rente of banks and large corporations to participate ter such a Digital Currency, if one simply assumes that banks and others are no different than the taxi or hotel industry and that they will be disrupted sooner rather than straks.", – Andreas Freund, PhD, ",Why Money Is Violated and What Can Wij Do About It",

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Banking the Unbanked

OneCoin Digital Currency for the Unbanked

Dr Ruja Speaks About Banking the Unbanked – Five minute movie

The early adopters of Digital Currency are the Two.Five billion people (1/Three of the global population of 7.Four billion) who do not have a bankgebouw account, a population referred to spil the unbanked. Most live ter Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. They do not have a handelsbank account not only because of poverty, but also due to costs, travel distance and crimson gauze. But even ter the affluent US, an estimated 9 million households are unbanked, and toughly Five million millennials are living without a checking account.

Why are wij interested te banking the unbanked? Because remittances are the fattest flow of capital from the developed world to the developing world, thicker than onmiddellijk foreign investment, and thicker than foreign aid . $600 billion vanaf year.

How can wij help the unbanked with Digital Currency? Example: The remittance sender gets charged 11% by Western Union or other financial services intermediary, and the money takes 4-7 days to get to the recipient. India receives about $250 billion ter remittances every year. Based on an average monthly salary ter India of $295 a month, this means that the current money system deprives India of almost 56.Five million annual incomes. Almost Four times the size of the capital Delhi! However, with Digital Currency, the sender is charged less than 2% and the transaction takes a few seconds. Within the network, member transactions are free and instant.

",Thesis remittances fees make the payment banking function the most profitable function of all banking. Te fact, McKinsey ter a 2014 explore estimated that global payment revenue for banks will reach approximately $Two.Trio trillion te 2018 or 43% of all banking revenues! . The economic stimulus or multiplier effect of $1 te extra spending te a developed country is about $Two – $Three, and ter a developing country about $Five – $Ten. This means that $Two trillion less for banks would stimulate inbetween $Four trillion to $20 trillion worth of extra global GDP growth. ", – Andreas Freund, PhD, ",Why Money Is Cracked and What Can Wij Do About It",

Banking the unbanked is part of the Largest Wealth Transfer Te Human History: from banks and financial services to the people. Wij are plugging the unbanked into the financial network by providing (1) simplified and demystified Digital Currency education, and (Two) quicker international low cost financial transactions.

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