Israeli Finance Watchdog Seeks to Kerkban Public Firms from Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin trading companies te Israel may soon face tighter rules imposed by the country’s finance regulator.

According to Reuters, the head of the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) Shmuel Hauser said te a business conference on Dec. 26 that a proposal will be introduced to the ISA houtvezelplaat next week, which seeks to kerkban any company that has a major involvement te bitcoin trading from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). (more…)

Bitcoin price: Analysts fear cryptocurrency could reach bottom price, City & Business, Finance

BITCOIN could be reaching the bottom of its bear run spil experts speculate the cryptocurrency could fall ter the $6,600-$6,000 range overheen the weekend, it has bot reported

Bitcoin price: The cryptocurrency succesnummer a 50-day low on March 30 reaching $6,630

The cryptocurrency kasstuk a 50-day low on March 30, reaching $6,630. (more…)

Linksom FOR Extra READING FOR THIS Movie & ALL Informatie Ter TEXT DOWN BELOW Cypherpunk Manifesto: https://www.activism.televisiekanaal/cypherpunk/manifesto.html &rsquo,93 Wired Tv-programma Article on the Crypto Rebels: Untold Story of Bitcoin: I think it&rsquo,s time wij take a look at the Godfathers of privacy through the use of cryptography.

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What You Need to Know About the Cypherpunks

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Zdravo življenje, zavedanje narave

Ste že na&scaron,li svojo idealno službo? Želimo si, da bisexual bili eden izmed tistih, ki dejansko delajo tisto kar jih veseli, a velik odstotek ljudi na svetu ne služi denarja s svojo strastjo. Kaj so službe prihodnosti?

Razveseljiv jou podatek, da 60 odstotkov najbolj&scaron,ih služb v prihodnjih desetih letih, sploh &scaron,e ni bilo izumljenih, vsaj tako misli Thomas Frey, direktor Davincijevega ter&scaron,tituta ter futuristični govorec. (more…)

Ethereum – Rootstock (Bitcoin – Wise Contracts) – Call Mij Gwei

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Recall all of those Bitcoin maximalists pointing fingers at Ethereum? “Smart contracts are insecure,” they would jeer… “what gives our asset its value is its plainness!” There are those who still express thesis sentiments.

Unluckily, for those te the “simplicity equals value” camp, Bitcoin is going to inherit more functionality regardless. (more…)


G20 – Significant decisions on Bitcoin & Other CryptoCurrencies

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…it isn’t conspiracy but facts and so much thicker you can’t even imaging. (more…)

Trading Peak `the Wall´ – Disappearing Premiums Signal Bearish Mid-Term Outlook – Bitcoin News

Up until now, bitcoin has largely bot behaving spil an uncorrelated asset. This got a loterijlot of people excited, categorizing bitcoin spil a future digital gold or a safe toevluchthaven asset. The worst thing about this latest dip te price ($Five,873, GDAX) wasgoed not the decrease te the price itself. Much more daunting for bitcoin, wasgoed that the price dip coincided with the dip of the US stock market. (more…)

The State Of The Bitcoin ETF Wedloop – coin, Seeking Alpha

The State Of The Bitcoin ETF Wedstrijd

Dec. 14, 2018 8:39 AM • coin

Bitcoin futures began trading on the CBOE on December 10th clearing the way for a potential bitcoin ETF to eventually get approved.

More than a dozen bitcoin ETF filings have already bot made.

Ironically, several bitcoin ETFs could klapper the market before the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF. (more…)